LITERARY BUBBLES MADE OF CREATIVE IMPULSES—This is our tagline, our working slogan, the gist of our principle.


We are a gang of creative people who believe in the power of words, who believe literature makes life more beautiful, and sometimes- worth living. Here, we seek to produce and read strings of words that can dazzle us, make us believe in life if needed, and carry us to new places, that can bring about a change and make lifelong friends of us. We like to go deep. More than anything, we just love the way the words play with our minds and emotions.​


The world needs art more than ever, and it will continue doing so until the robots take over. After that, it will need even more. Of literature.


​We are looking for words that pulse with life, that reconnects us to the world in newer ways, poetry that tells us what is hidden in the writer’s mind, creative fiction that takes us to those cities which we left somewhere and non-fiction that becomes that page where we would love to pause and reflect.


Land of Abandoned Watering Cans – Jessica 
Paris by Gaslight – Dionne
All That Jazz – James
There is no sunshine without The Sun – Arundhati
Allow more Light – Selma 
A sorrowful God – Dritan 


On A Quiet Morning – Skylar
Badka Bau – Anshu
The Dreaming Reality – Karan Kapoor
The Moon Dance – Zakir 

Creative Non-Fiction 

Outside Eden – William 
It’s A Writer’s Life – Sanka 
Today I Will Stop Pretending – Pallavi


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