“As you know, writing is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.”

I feel some furrows on your eyebrows, you are right, this is not Joker’s exact quote from Dark Knight. And this is what I said to him when he uttered this quote. Ohh, he is the woodpecker that pecked on my window, yesterday with a simple demand.  A wood pencil. Such an Irony, he had said. Humans cutting down their habitations for stuff like pencils and here it was, asking for the same! I was too flabbergasted as I gave him a pencil. Thanking me he said he wanted to express his inner voice, to scribble about humans (yeah humans scribble a lot about birds too), and about each organism perched in the cosmos. Yes, he did memorize our email id, before flying away. Let’s see.

I hope Literary Impulse becomes that voice for many of you, to let everyone know of your incredible talent. We are so lucky that you chose us to express yourselves. Open the nozzle of your imaginations and keep the words flowing, forever!

With that woody tale, here’s Edition III. Do shower your love, and share it across! 

Happy Scribbling!

Somsubhra Banerjee

Edition Editor, Edition III

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Man at Desk


Aron by  Afsal

Aron paints a picture of a harsh cold winter night. The words conjure the image of a once-loved baby and the emotions felt by the father which look like teardrops mixed gently with ink. The blue color reminds me of an icicle which can be a metaphor of sharp pain and the brown color reminds me of autumn leaves which drifts without saying goodbye. Afsal shares the mother’s grief too “I can hear the mother scream” which tells the poet is sharing the grief of the whole family. For me, this poem is a poetic farewell for the departed soul and that wish is also there to be together. The poet is consoling himself with words but death separates us and leaves us with memories which we hide under our pillows. (Priyanka)

शमशान की गलिया आकाश 

शमशान  कविता में आकाश ने  आसान शब्दों का प्रयोग करके उस दुनिया का चित्र पन्ने पर खिचा है  जिससे हम दूर रहते है।  कैसे वो क़पूर  और घी की ख़ुशबू  हमारे अंदर बस जाती है और वो बेपरवाह से ख़्याल खटखटाने लगते है, और हम उन पुरानी यादों को झकझोर कर थोड़ा मुस्कुरा भी लेते  है ।

कविता में दो तरह के लोगों का वर्णन  है ।वोह लोग जो दुःख को भुलाने  की कोशिश करते है और दूसरे वोह लोग जिनकी रोज़ की ज़िंदगी वही पे गुजरती है । यह कविता पढ़ने के बाद आपके अंदर बस जाती है। मौत कहा रुकती है, मौत तो रुला कर उन यादों को छोड़  कर चलीं  जाती है जिनको  हम तारो  के साथ सजाते रहते है ज़िंदगी भर। जैसा कि कवि ने लिखा है कभी रात को यह सोचा है की सुबह कितना अंधेरा कर सकती है। (Priyanka)

All Zoomed out by Carmen

In this poem,  Carmen has described in a crisp way how our life is affected because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. In a way, it is a poetic backlash on the sudden lifestyle change we are experiencing. Now that we are spending more time holding the screen, the comfort of living the real-life is now being missed, especially for the work from the home workforce. This poem is a  testimony about how life is being affected by online activities. as the poet says, “used to have time during this quarantine to do things other than talk but now it’s all that I do.so yes zoom in but know when to zoom out” (Priyanka)

Me and my mother tongue, in an alien language by Pragya

This poem is an ode to all our mother tongues that we carry in our hearts, sometimes caressing it, sometimes probably ignoring it. Pragya has so beautifully amalgamated the feelings in this poem, that it feels almost surreal and puts you in a trance of sorts. (Som)

Familiar Lies by Das

Familiar ties by Das is a political poem of exile, exodus, and most important being a refugee. But it is much more than that. It would be imprudent to give a summary of the same. Read the poem for your first, and try to look for the pain i\and angst in the nameless narrator (who might be a he or a she) for his father. These lines made us select this verse: 

“Which state? Nevermind. Illiterate, puppet stuffed in pan masalas

Does this ever overturn into humanity's victory?

I don't give a damn. Daddy's getting home.” (Nachi)

Piles of Books


Exhale Love by Anshu

This is a story of three people - Slok, his twin sister Nitya, and his girlfriend Gloria. Going back and forth in time, it deals with 'love', in its most naked form. Gloria is the girlfriend of Slok, but she also has a moment with Nitya. Bisexual, they are and they both love each other. What happens when Slok finds out. Take your time, relax, and read this roller coaster through time and emotions. 

An excerpt: “Feeling very much sunken and dejected, she closes her eyes and only sees Gloria lurking in her mind like a formless ghost. She particularly remembers that day when they had kissed each other for the first time hiding behind a lamppost on a rainy evening when the street was empty and eerily quiet as if somebody had died and the world was mourning the loss. Clasping each other tight, Nitya had sucked in the wet lips of Gloria and they had kissed each other for a long time. Drenched completely in the first rainfall of the monsoon, Nitya later had pulled Gloria inside a narrow alley and had kissed her again slowly reaching for her breasts. Her hands fumbled for the buttons of her shirt and one by one she undid them in the heat of their passion. When her cold icy hands finally touched Gloria’s erected nipples, she told her to stop and pushed her away.”  (Nachi)

Her Name Means "Fountain of Paradise" by Jamie

Wars, they break people. In Jamie’s beautifully poignant piece, he captures a heart-breaking story of one such father lamenting the irreparable loss. But the human spirit, ever so resilient. Always finding a way to travel through the grief and hopefully find solace in something, somewhere. (Som)

Baby C by Clara

Clara’s story is about an IVF mistake and how it, for a moment, completely shatters the world of a couple on the verge of parent-hood. Her fluid language mixed with the right dose of mystery would want you to follow the story until the end. (Som)

Image by Kimberly Farmer


Microcosms of Taos by Bradley

On reading Bradley’s essay Microcosm of Taos I could feel the many atoms dancing in my soul, the words take us on a journey, he starts with poet’s soul and later takes us deeper where we can see the sunset and hear the raindrops, he further explains how being alone can cleanse our soul and help us find the answers within. I like how his words travel from one place to another. I wish I could hide in words forever and find more about life, for now, I would stop with this quote from the essay -

“Alone. I heal with my return to the world, to another’s embrace. I understand now that I heal when I share myself authentically with you. The desert makes you face your vulnerability, and through it, you are Osiris, changed by the truths within.” (Priyanka)


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