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As I write this I wait for the mayflowers to bloom everywhere, I wait for the colour of the sky to be a bit more radiant, I wait for this anxiety which has wrapped us all to fade somewhere but for a poet even when they are waiting there will be poems everywhere.

You all are welcome to read the second edition of Literary Impulse.

Happy Scribbling,
Priyanka Srivastava
Edition Editor, Edition II
Literary Impulse



Don’t I exist for you by Srinath Samba
The writer has written about loneliness in an alluring way, the relationship is not the same with time and through his words, the poet is searching for answers for his own peace. That’s what writers do most of the time. The line — “What has changed that you would desert me in my desert ” says it all in a simple and poetic way. (Priyanka)

I wish I were a tree by Bradley
This poetic prose on the nature of being, as its subtitle defines it to be, is a soothing journey into the colours of the being, with thoughts coming and going, all pointing in one direction that our perspective is all there is. He finds Siddhartha in this narrative, a kind of Buddha who understands how science works. A flowing zephyr of calmness this verse is. Which makes you believe in the power of existence all over again. “And when dusk yawns in a vermillion smile, bringing forth the canvas of stars, I know tomorrow I will emerge from the soil anew. (Nachi)

Poetry Thief by Aspen Blue
The poem talks about the trauma of being a poet and how poets steal poems from simple moments of life. Simple language of the poem speaks to me and the poem falls quietly in the mind of the reader like a leaf which drifts calmly and rests on the path.

“I’m a bandit in my bard-dom
An embezzler of pain
A pickpocket of allegory
A pilferer of rain.”
and for me that dewdrop which I couldn’t hold on, magical words. (Priyanka)

A Breath Hitched by Manasi Diwakar
The verse talks about that noise which is unheard after that pause which the spirit feels before walking away, something different to read and muse about. Not an easy thing to write about, a stark reality about life written in a sufi style.

“the sound
of the death
to the world”
rings a stillness in our mind which makes us think about the fragility of life. (Priyanka)

Escaping The Prison by Prashant Pundir
Besides the fluidity and hold over the subject, I was simply drawn to those visually appealing metaphors that Prashant has used throughout the poem, which elevates it to a different level altogether. It is rich, imaginative and talks about an important aspect of self healing. (Som)



Not your typical woman by Dineria Brown
This piece portrays courageously the woman of today, their boldness, their stoutness, their capability to take important decisions without deviating from her responsibilities. This is really a strong point of view, presented in that “to your face” prose is a definitive read for this edition. (Som)

Bad but real, fake but good by Annelise Lords
We are often lost in asking ourselves if ‘we are good people’. Or are we fake? What is the relationship between good and fake? This very short story about the relationship between a caregiver and an oldster tries to answer the question. A fairly straightforward read, without much of a plot. (Nachi)



When asked should I kill myself by Ani Alizaveta
This philosophical piece so beautifully converges Albert Camus’ theories to the myth of Sisyphus and relates it to our everyday life. A very thoughtful structural narrative combined with an easy prose makes it easier for anyone to enjoy. A wonderful addendum is the equally fascinating pencil sketch of Sisyphus, which for me was the cherry on the cake! (Som)


Book Review

The Author with a sickly pallor and a sordid raven by Sremoyee Sarkar
I like the academic approach taken towards Poe’s body of work. It’s descriptive and the themes have been discussed in a crisp fashion. (Nikita)

Pretending to be locked-in and sad by Pallavi
Her writing struck a chord with all of us working in corporate offices, trying to make time for ourselves. This long hiatus has proved to be a breather for a lot of us, especially working mothers like herself. And all the great literature available to us during this time is a bonus. (Nikita)


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