More than a literary journal standing on a metaphorical dais in front of its audience, which are its writers and readers, Literary Impulse is a community. A community which intends to keep a constant communication with its readers and writers and editors, because we need to rid ourselves of the culture of looking at an "AUTHOR" as a monolithic separate entity, which commands our attention, because of his being a "STAR", whose every work is important because he is famous.


Yes, they are always geniuses in the world, but they are once in a century occurrence. And their contribution in the culture-shift is always more important than their personality. But the divide between "experienced" and "newbie" writers is judgmental. From an epistemic viewpoint, this division may make some sense, but if you really think about it, the works of cultural icons are more important than they themselves. So when an author looks down at other "writers" standing away from its audience, as if she is superior, we cringe. Because more often than not, that author isn't a genius.


Everyone is a writer. And the culture of those authors, who claim to be an "author", keeping a distance from of its readers, shelving out words which the audience consumes, is slowly fading away. Fame should not be a criterion, nowadays. Fame is mostly a matter of right marketing, everyone knows that. And the BIG FIVE are the rulers.


Anyway, that is why we need literary magazines in which no one is an "author" and everyone is a writer, including the editors. There should be no difference between an editor and a writer. These two should be transferable roles. There should be no difference (in perception) of the writers, authors, editors, and reviewers. We are all on the same boat, trying to enjoy the magic words can create. So why become just one and pretend that one is "better" than the other?


That's why Literary Impulse comes out with "Friday selects", in which our editors come out with beautiful words every weekend and introduces more beautiful words out to the world of readers and writers and reviewers.