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Literary Impulse is a literary journal. We are looking for poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction of philosophical nature which can dazzle us with its use of language. We believe that literature makes life more beautiful, and sometimes- worth living.



We need stories to add colors in our life and poems to stitch stars when the sky is dark. We need stories because sometimes our own pages crumple silently that’s why we look for books or go down the memory lanes to search ourselves again sometimes we find ourselves and when we fail we pick the pen and write again. Sharing with you all the previous stories and poems published in Literary impulse.

"Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it.” 

& maybe stories too.
- Lucy Maud Montgomery



Please go through the guidelines properly before submitting.

We are looking for poetry that tells us what is hidden in the writer’s mind, words that help us connect to the world. Creative fiction which takes us to those cities which we left somewhere and non-fiction which becomes that page, where we would love to pause, shows us how language speaks to you, show us how life moves you. How you use language and how your words move us is important. What’s holding you now, pick up your pen and write your story.


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