A few cynical words on Language, and hope there in

If Language is sea, man is the hulk of a buried ship in its depths.

Language, as we all know, plays a vital role in developing our mindsets. Human beings began this civilization by clever use of symbols, designating them with meanings, and using those designations in the form of symbols, that is — speaking without roundabout games of language, LANGUAGE. But today, language runs our minds and hence the modern civilized world.

The philosophers have converted themselves into scholastic Grammarians who are forever trying to analyze the dictionary and consistently failing because it is expanding at a greater rate. The politicians, as usual, provide the poor and rich alike, pompous words which mean nothing. The poets are lost in their jumbles of words, trying to make their prose-stanzas inappropriately dense and vying with each other to be as inexplicable as possible to portray a meaningless world. And last but not the least, the fiction writers are using intertextuality to such a ludicrous extent that one has to read everything else to even begin reading one text. The readers are confused, and they are leaving fiction altogether because it is all so interconnected, and they do not know from where to start if they even want to start.

If Language is sea, man is the hulk of a buried ship in its depths.

With the above rather ‘angry’ words, I present to you the Friday Selects:

  1. It’s a writer’s life by Sanka Rathnabarana (Creative non-fiction)

  2. Land of Abandoned Watering Cans by Jessica Lee McMillan (A narrative poem)

  3. The pull of your gravity by Siva Raj (A sonnet)

  4. There Is No Sunshine Without the Sun by Arundhati (An Ode)

  5. Enchanted Orchestra by IMΛBӨПG FΛMIПЦ (A Poem)

  6. Love, Like Water, Will Find A Way In by Annelise Lords (A short story)