"A Picturesque view" by Swetha Narayanan

The pink ethereal skies during dusk,

Etching a mural in the welkin;

The little yellow dandelions swaying,

To symphonies of the soft breeze;

Vivid green grass – wet and scanty

Redolent of musty smell of petrichor;

The distant dimly lit lighthouse,

Flaunting its colour of enchantment;

The placid, bottomless waters,

Creating a moment of tranquiliity;

Nature blending its vibrant hues,

Giving birth to a mystic paradise.

Author’s Note: Yielding in nature’s arms is the best respite one could ask for. As we inch closer and entwine ourselves with nature, we are alleviated from our sorrows and only solace prevails. This poem is an ode to the empyrean experience nature has bestowed upon us.

Editorial Comment (Uzma) : The seeds of modernity were sown as man progressed into Industrial Revolution. Mother Earth was revolving at her own pace but man seemed to take faster and longer strides. On the other end of revolution, the movement of Romanticism was germinating in the hearts of few poets who found it almost necessary to bring the beauty of nature back into this modern man's eye by the means of literature. As Wordsworth would go on writing, "Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive." in The Prelude.

Closely, Swetha plucks yellow dandelions, petrichors and few blades of grass leaves to keep them inside her poem. While the fragrance is still fresh in her hands she writes for you to smell them in her words. Then she delicately illuminates the sky with a murky sun and a "dimly lit lighthouse" thus the bewildered reader would not be able to resist the urge to look upwards at the heavens above. This piece marks the urgency of squeezing time out to sleep in Mother Earth's lap for it becomes the sole way of remembrance of the act of being a simple human without hassle.

About The Author : Shweta is an aspiring Chartered Accountant from Chennai. She seeks to create ripples in the reader's soul with her words.