"All Zoomed Out" by Carmen

How is it suddenly 3pm,

and I’ve spent all day on video chats?

I think that,

just because we are sitting at home, doesn’t mean

we need to


every single minute

with zoom.

Over the zoom

all zoomed out

zoned out

of the (at least) three video calls I have daily.

Mother’s Day: three.

Today: three.

Between work calls, patient calls, family calls, friend calls,

I am literally on a video call all day.

How the f did that happen?

I’ve tested at least five of the

available platforms: Teams, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Messenger, Hangouts whatever you wanna call it, it’s Zoom

synonymous with video chat

like google now is a verb.

My wife and I are getting our Zoom meeting times mixed up.

At least when you had to make meeting appointments you could be like,

sorry I gotta run. I gotta pick up the kids/dog/dry cleaning

I gotta go to the gym/dentist/beach

but now you gotta sit there and check- recheck

if the mute is on and the video is off

because you are still in your pajamas without a bra.

Or worse, the ones that require full participation and at least a nice top and the biggest decision you have to make that day is which Zoom background to use.

I used to have time during this quarantine to do things other than talk but now it’s all that I do.

What will happen if our entire world goes online?

Sorry, can’t stay and chat, gotta Zoom.

(c) Carmen

Editorial comment: In this poem, Carmen has described in a crisp way how our life is affected because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. In a way, it is a poetic backlash on the sudden lifestyle change we are experiencing. Now that we are spending more time holding the screen, the comfort of living the real-life is now being missed, especially for the work from the home workforce. This poem is a testimony about how life is being affected by online activities. as the poet says, “used to have time during this quarantine to do things other than talk but now it’s all that I do.so yes zoom in but know when to zoom out”