"And Then She Danced" by Shalini C

A Free-Verse Poem Exploring the Mystical Science of Love As A Lightning-Bolt Event

The sky shudders a long, low sigh

loosening stars as infatuated blimps onto a solitary space — a fortress her stolid, steady walls built from a lack of knowing love and its fluidity through steely resolves A touch of rhythm breaks and enters her body in a thrum of light her limbs swaying  as gossamer curtains in wind to follow life, and its amorous trail in the color of raindrop on never-loved skin Rising to surface a core — tender as a broken verse of a life sitting out dances in waiting snugly wrapped in the lyrical strain of an old Floyd song stifling a rumble within her stillness in moveable bolts through a sky’s cerulean.

Love is cosmic. Some say it transcends time and gravity. We don't really know the facts. But we do feel something. That there is a greater connection of love with the universe. In such a way that the universe responds to it. And love responds to the universe. This verse by Shalini tries to see it from a cosmic perspective. Not philosophically of course. But as a series of images. The sky shudders. A rhythm takes birth. Wind and raindrops come into being. Her being. Yes, But also the being of the universe. And then there is the 'lyrical strain' of a Floyd song. Followed by the lightening, for which the poem was waiting. We had to choose this poem.

About the author: Shalini is a thirty-something in-betweener and romanticist with an undying love for tea and dark chocolate. She is a part-time poet and full-time mum to two beautiful children.