"Aron" by Afsal

I froze at the sight of my toddler

head down on the feet of the black peddler.

Ahh, his feet so cold, his lips a hazy blue,

eyes, his brown eyes, so round and lovely

just like his mother’s, rightfully.

But, Why do they look so bleak ?

I realize, his little heart is missing it’s beats.

A wave of darkness sweeps around me,

the world seemed to stop for a moment.

Kindly stand beside me ; in bestowment

the other day I sang 'One for sorrow'

the nursery rhyme.

Today he has left me to whine....

Alas I have to fathom

My son, My Aron has died a brutal death.

I kneel down, helpless

in front of fate, cruel destiny.

With wholesome dearth

I can hear the mother scream

I the father ,as numb as my dear is ,

Dig him a little grave

and bury him with care...

I tell him, I wish I was

wherever you are my son ....

I wish I could be beside you

I wish you weren’t alone…

(C) Afsal

Editorial comments: Aron paints a picture of a harsh cold winter night. The words conjure the image of a once-loved baby and the emotions felt by the father which look like teardrops mixed gently with ink. The blue color reminds me of an icicle which can be a metaphor of sharp pain and the brown color reminds me of autumn leaves which drifts without saying goodbye. Afsal shares the mother’s grief too “I can hear the mother scream” which tells the poet is sharing the grief of the whole family. For me, this poem is a poetic farewell for the departed soul and that wish is also there to be together. The poet is consoling himself with words but death separates us and leaves us with memories which we hide under our pillows.