"Autumnal Splendor" by Siva Raj

A sonnet

Soaking in autumnal splendor In the midst of a very hot summer Caressing your lush behind Intertwined in your mind Savoring the feel of your lips Tongue embracing my fingertip Losing self in the depth of your eyes  Marveling golden flecks so wise Staring at your face for hours Hasn’t quenched my thirst so far Slowing down the passage of time As we walked, hands in rhyme Could every day turn Autumn? Myriad, multi-hued, measureless bottom.

Editor says: Siva's exuberant poem very evocatively metaphors the Autumn to the blossoming love for the beloved. He goes on to teasingly define the savory love, and how it managed to be that "Autumnal Splendor" amid a stifling summer, quenching that long-awaiting longing, with a thirst for this Autumn to linger and let the events go round in cycles, never ever leaving behind this myriad sense of belonging from the heart and mind.