Edition III

“As you know, writing is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.”

I feel some furrows on your eyebrows, you are right, this is not Joker’s exact quote from Dark Knight. And this is what I said to him when he uttered this quote. Oh, he is the woodpecker that pecked on my window yesterday with a simple demand.  A wood pencil. Such an Irony, he had said. Humans cutting down their habitations for stuff like pencils and here it was, asking for the same! I was too flabbergasted as I gave him a pencil. Thanking me he said he wanted to express his inner voice, to scribble about humans (yeah humans scribble a lot about birds too), and about each organism perched in the cosmos. Yes, he memorized our email id, before flying away. Let’s see.

I hope Literary Impulse becomes that voice for many of you, to let everyone know of your incredible talent. We are so lucky that you chose us to express yourselves. Open the nozzle of your imaginations and keep the words flowing, forever!

With that woody tale, here’s Edition III. Do shower your love and share it across! 

Happy Scribbling!

Somsubhra Banerjee

Edition Editor, Edition III

Literary Impulse