"If you've known love" by Shalini

If you’ve known love, You’d know The weightlessness of it Crescent-moon gliding Over slopes of madness comatose Veins splattered rapt in drug overdose

If you’ve known love, You’d know The faintness of it Sickle-sweet, bird-sung spring air Whisking petals of gilded hope Pillowing idly on a bed of asphalt

If you’ve known love, You’d know The smallness of it Tiny, germinated seedlings of despair Blimps in the sky blinking deranged Stars in the horizon decomposing soft and strange

If you’ve known love, you’d know The breathlessness of it Unpinnable pinings licked inarticulate Wobbly words dance to trippy breaths Stuttering once, twice, tongue-tied Irrationality swooning over worldly-wise.

Then again if you’ve known love long enough, You’d know It’s most likely a can of laced Gatorade Treading tenderly towards an expiration date.

Editorial: In this gorgeously sweet poem, Shalini has so meticulously managed to metaphorize love by throwing in such beautiful imagery and then coupled it with imagination in a way that you will surely feel and relate to it starting from the first line and until the very last word.

Shalini is a thirty-something in-betweener and romanticist with an undying love for tea, bedtime stories, and dark chocolate. She is a part-time writer who began experimenting with writing poetry towards the beginning of the year to find herself irrevocably in love with the art form.