"little things" by Shlagha Borah

I used to think I should only write about the grand things,

the things that made it to the news,

the big things that tore our worlds into two, three, sometimes more-

bombshells, migrant workers, Kashmir.

but what do I know about bombshells

except that they have killed more than I can ever count,

with the numbers so high,

I’m bound to give up midway.

I believe migrant workers should be sent home as respectfully

as the students studying in first-world countries

were taken care of,

But what do I know beyond that?

I’ve never been to Kashmir.

my experiences are middle-class too,

and the only grand thing in my life

was learning that you don’t necessarily love someone

just because you’re married to them.

so i’m learning to write about the small things now-

my father and I stay six states apart

but we try to meet on the same page

over a Whatsapp text.

I love so many things but i’ll never be

even half of them.

You can love someone till death,

and still pray you don’t become them.

Editorial: We are small beings with little hearts whose actions do not bear a direct consequence over the grand scheme of things. But cannot a pin dropped in silence, break it? Shlagha is a simpleton like any of us and her poem portrays an innocent curiosity about the matters which are away from us. These issues do not touch us and we have are own little world to take care of but we cannot fail to empathize with the victims of the cruel world. Mere mention of the hapless condition puts it in the light of our eyes in spite of the fact that we cannot do anything to heal it. The poet gradually shifts the poem to our tribulations which personalizes it to involve us more. (Uzma)

Shlagha Borah is an undergraduate from Delhi. Alongside satiating her passion for writing, this city girl has co-founded a student-led collective called Pink Freud that works around destigmatizing mental health issues.