Bradley J Nordell

I scribble sonnets and poems to understand my final truth, to one day sum it all up in an aphorism, to then place it in an old chest and lock it away for someone else to find.

Without further ado, let me welcome Bradley J Nordell in our team, even though it has been a little late, but who is ever really late, and who is ever really early? We are sitting here, in our own rooms, waiting for this lockdown to end, and stories and more stories and stories and stories, are pouring in and LI is growing like a quiet plant under its own shade. We are about to complete three months as a publication. For which we might have something under our sleeve. But waiting is sweet, isn’t it?

And Bradley is already one month old into the little collective of ours which is also growing, sort of, and words are flying everywhere and little jumpy animals have taken over our imagination. Animals like squirrels. Quarks have taken over imagination, bosons, and fermions and quantum loop models of the universe have taken over our imagination, as we welcome Bradley who is a quantum physicist as well as a fiction writer. His fiction and poetry infuse both science and humanities, acting as breadcrumbs for tomorrow. And isn’t it genuinely amazing? How many of us do that?

Currently, he works at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is the co-host of the “Science! With Friends,” podcast, and a TEDx speaker. Do check out the links!

And as he puts it, in his spare time, he seeks to grasp the fundamental truths to existence through philosophy, physics, science fiction, and the art of storytelling. He is an avid reader, lifetime learner, and science communicator. He currently lives in Lincoln, NE.

But what does he think about writing and literature and all? He says…

“I Write, so these pages become more than carbon, but quilts stitched with human antiquity — to form a world of more love and kindness than hate or hardship. This ink becomes our blood that has soaked these lands and our tears that washed it clean. I long to give hope and truth to history. So, that our ancestors can find our stories and know what we felt, to know that we loved, and we never lost ourselves in the madness.”

And he says… “I scribble sonnets and poems to understand my final truth, to one day sum it all up in an aphorism, to then place it in an old chest and lock it away for someone else to find. I write to one day locate my home again. To live there, make a family and watch the sunsets grow tired and sleep peacefully among the fields of flowers and nectar-feeders buzzing to and fro. To wait and love and do it all again.”

And … “My stories are all “what if” pathways to venture down. They stick to hard scientific principles but also venture into the possible science of the future. They explore the effects of new technology upon humanity. They explore ideas of consciousness, reality, and artificial intelligence. They also act as a mirror, reflecting the light and the dark, the ugly, and the beautiful faces of being human; that grand multifaceted maze of consciousness and being. From science fiction to horror, to space, to the inner working of love and loss, I explore these great depths of the mind. But always with one goal in mind: breadcrumbs for tomorrow. Because with life, there is still hope. And though we may suffer, if we do it together and learn from the failed ways of the past, we can transform it into something great, a poetic masterpiece that reverberates throughout the eons of time.”

Welcome to the team, Bradley. We are happy to have you on board.

(Keta Nachi, 11/07/2020)


Science Fiction

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