"Paper Mage" by Eli Snow

Awake furious ideas that burst forth in fountain ink from the paper in your hands.

Undo ways of thinking that tread the rutted pathways of the human condition.

Strikeout against verisimilitude only the real thing will do.

Conjure veiled metaphors that can rip the very souls from your startled neighbors.

Whip recalcitrant adjectives until they dance.

Groan under the weight of inherited mysticism and doubt.

Explode in a lightning strike of incomparable inspiration.

Vanish like a spectre of your own creation.

All you ever were was words and to words, you will return.

Editorial - I believe Eli must have been a Sufi soul in a previous life or maybe she is halfway there in this life because she has such a mystical approach to writing.  I would like to start with the ending couplet by her "All you ever were was words And to words, you will return" It's true. When we write, we burn. We change and what we write on the page is a new reflection. Our heart grows, and we learn to accommodate pain, tenderness, and sadness.

In her words, I see a poet trying to walk out of the poem knowing she is trapped for life. Her writing reminds me of this verse by Khayyam.

"said one among them-"surely not in vain

"my substance of the common Earth was taken

"and to this figure moulded, to be broke,

"or trampled back to shapeless Earth again" (Priyanka) Eli Snow is a molecular biologist, moonlighting as a poet. She thinks science and poetry are both great ways to grapple with the unknown.