"Poetry is My Wing" by Prashant Pundir

Poetry is elation;

it rises like spindrift

from the crest of the waves,

settles like foam

through the cracks

in our skin.

When I read poetry,

there is a feeling

that I just woke up

from a coma,

I happen to myself

like a revelation.

Love tiptoes into my heart,

looking for places

where light doesn’t reach.

Poetry sets up its sun

on top of my head;

there is a parallel world

which speaks to me now,

one which celebrates

a silent day,

as universal mourning

for our emotional paralysis.

Where people carve their bodies

and pose like sculptures

in a museum.

Fair to say that

I intend to write back.

It is now easier for me,

to swallow my pride

for dinner.

To see my past,

solid as a mountain,

melting before my eyes.

Now I walk through life

like a patient on

the cusp of surgery,

ready to be ripped open,

every incision

an immeasurable kiss. Poetry is elation;

the magnum opus of emotions,

a doll found in

the stack of ruins.

When I read poetry

water not only wets

my lips but also quenches

my thirst.

When I read poetry

I wear my sorrow

like a wedding ring,

every verse pricks

my feet,

and I want to run

as if my dead mother

is calling me

from the end of the road.

Editorial - What is poetry? that's the question which Prashant, as a poet, is trying to answer in his poem Poetry, is my wings. 

It's an awakening that nourishes the soul of the poet. When we write we are seeking an answer. What is the truth behind the words, that's what the poet has portrayed like a painting which leaves an imprint in the reader's mind.

As we read further it takes us deep somewhere it becomes that clutch which we hold when we shatter quietly. As the poet has written here,

 "To see my past, solid as a mountain, melting before my eyes."

We know as a poet we are crumbling and building ourselves with each poem. Poetry is an emotion which teaches us how to survive. When we write we drain our sorrow on the page but it enriches our life too, that's what Prashant has portrayed intimately through his words. Prashant is a shy and serene person who dreams of travelling around the world. Poetry for him is the only wealth which he possesses and it's that shield which makes him feel safe amidst the chaos.