Spring And Something New

An announcement.

The season of love is here. And with it, flowers, birds, and a wind that doesn’t stop from smiling. We know the world runs, screams even, by our years — but in Spring, we take a pause. And smile. And blush. And demand nothing of the world. Except a love-maybe.

With these words, we announce that we are entering paying market. YES! You heard it right. After a struggle of almost a year, no contemplation, and an almost hefty chest, we announce that for the next Issue i.e. Summer 2021, Submissions for which open on 1st March, we will pay a semi-professional rate to our authors. Though of course, we would be very choosy. We are a quarterly. We wait for a period of three months in between our issues. But we still publish not more than 18 pieces per issue. And even in this one, we will be publishing only 15 — the Spring.

We will be able to pay only 12 authors for our Summer’21 Issue — 6 Poetry, 3 Fiction, and 3 CNF.

More information soon.

- Team Literary Impulse