Tell Us Your Story Of Hiraeth

An invitation to write your heart out

Hiraeth is a word from the Welsh language that has no exact equivalent in English. It refers

to a kind of nostalgia, similar to homesickness, but somewhat more complex. Akin to the German Sehnsucht and the Portuguese Saudade, it evokes the longing for a home you may never be able to return to, and the connection with the loved ones you left behind; or, perhaps, the longing for a place that never existed, the tribe that you haven’t found yet...

You can find various pronunciations on Google, but in my humble opinion, the most authentic one is something like HEER-eye-th with a rolled “r” the “th” barely a whisper.

An invitation to write

If you’re like me and you can’t resist a challenge, or if this mysterious word from verdant Wales stirs something in the depths of your soul, we hope you will respond by sending us your work, poetry or prose, long or short. The window to participate will be from August 10th through September 25th. Our panel, led by Theme Editor Keta Nachi, will be reading all submissions from that period as they come in and select the best entries (we’re thinking 4 poems and 3 prose pieces) to be published in an e-book anthology whose cover is as follows:

This beautiful painting (oil on canvas) has been drawn by Tanvi Naik, an excellent artist who can be found here.

What are we looking for? Beautiful writing, in the first place. It’s not necessary (although perfectly acceptable) to actually use the word “hiraeth” either in the title or the text of your submission, as long as the sentiment is evoked, described, explained, or whatever else you can imagine doing with it!

Yours truly, Elisabeth Khan, Editor Literary Impulse