That Letter about Indian summer

Dear Readers, It’s been a different summer for all of us this year. Memories, as usual, played hide and seek with me and I kept shuffling the pages. Sometimes it would be a story of cooking for the family in my mother’s kitchen, other time it would be glimpses about those Indian street food stalls in Delhi, where we sisters would go. I remember those late night book discussion with my sister over a glass of wine and those games which our kids played, which would be snippets of those old summer days for them in the time to come. Words help me walk away and there were many poems in which I trapped myself. For now I am back here with stories and poems for you to be lost. The world needs these borrowed colours to breathe.

Sharing with you all few stories and poems shared by writers here for the Friday edition. poem about Marcel Proust by Elisabeth Khan story Heartaches by Anindya Chandra poem Paper Mage by Eli Snow poem Lodging Services by Manasi Diwakar and to end we have poem Paris by Gaslight by Dionne Charlet