We are looking for serious poetry, literary fiction, and creative non-fiction of philosophical nature that can dazzle us with its language use.

Poems which evoke an image, and often the quirky ones are preferred. We like word-play a lot. But if there is too much wordplay, do not make it a very long poem. Metaphors bring life to verse, in our opinion. If a poem can create a fabulous image in our mind, and if we can read it till the end, we will choose it. We don’t care about a poem’s form. It just should affect us in a way that others can’t.

Short fiction can be of any genre but they should not exceed 7,000 words. We are looking for inspiration fables, ghostly fables, fairy fables, and science-fiction. Something which is out of the ordinary. We want to read something dreamy. There are millions of stories out there, and millions of copies of those stories. We would love to harbour more of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction from South Asia.

The plot is less important to us than the writing style. NO PLOT IS UNIQUE ANYWAY. You are all writers. Deep inside you are well aware of that.


As for non-fiction essays, if you can explain a philosophical idea (Aristotle, Nietzsche, Camus), well and good. But examples are important. The length can be anything between 1500 to 5000 words. It need not be a very densely researched article, but it should speak something very concrete. We are not looking for something topical. Something which can be read by a person of any nationality is preferred. Personal reflections on philosophical topics are the best.

The review should not exceed 2500 words. A creative review is preferred. We are always looking to know more about books. Book reviews of classics are most welcome, as much as new books on the market. We are actually looking for commentaries. On great books, on great poems, or art pieces.