• To submit, email us at  submit.litimp [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Submissions open all year round. 

  • We publish four times a year, according to the following schedule:

EDITION        SUB. PERIOD          LIVE

WINTER          Sep 2 - Nov 15        Dec  1

SPRING           Dec 2 - Feb15         Mar 1

SUMMER         Mar 2 - May 15       June 1

AUTUMN         Jun 2 - Aug 15        Sep 1

  • But our submission often close much before that. So do check our TWITTER page to know if the submissions are open.

  • We also organize various theme-based Editions which can be found in the section "New and Upcoming".

  • Do not copy-paste your submission in the email. We won’t read it.​​

  • Send us a Microsoft Word (Docx) file with specifications of Arial, 12 pt. font, in single-spaced paragraphs with right-aligned text. As an attachment.

  • Write Genre - SubmissionTitle in the subject of the email

  • Name the attachment as Genre_SubmissionTitle

  • Choose one of these genre-words: Poetry, Fiction, Essay, PhotoEssay, ScienceFiction. 

  • Send only one prose piece or maximum of three poems in one submission.

  • An author's note of two-three lines beneath the poem always helps. Poems are very private emotions. Context enriches the experience.

  • Every piece should be a different Docx attachment. 

  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted. But please let us know if it gets accepted elsewhere as soon as possible.

  • In the body of the email, DO NOT write anything about you, your age, your education qualifications, nationality , or the number of awards you have won. We do not want to know your profile. Only your submitted piece.

  • Give us at least eight weeks to review and respond. If you do not get a response in eight weeks, it means that we were unable to take up your piece.

  • Submitting to "Literary Impulse" means giving us first electronic rights and non-exclusive archival rights. All rights revert to the creator after publication. Please credit us if your work is published again elsewhere.

  • We do not pay our writers for now.